The Science of Teams (TSoT) is basically the culmination of my professional notes from between 1998 and 2018. It includes research done while working on my dissertation as well as independent analysis and field study. This body of knowledge became my go-to consulting ‘Idea Book’, for any given scenario I could flip through my notes and drawings here and land on a ‘smart sounding’ approach with plenty of rational available to frame as needed.

Beyond that I do not really know what this framework is. I know it is insightful. I know if you hit a team model or one of the ideas in TSoT at the right moment it can really deliver a breakthrough. I also know sometimes simpler approaches are better for a situation. It just seems to depend.

What I do find interesting is that when observing the evolution of a team or reading a case study or watching the real-world, TSoT very clearly details what happened. It provides tools for identifying and describing changes in teams of people. From the exceedingly small to the impressively large, I can consistently find the patterns and models of the real world in these pages every single time.

I am generally done with consulting, so I decided to post my learnings here. I still use this framework every day in my professional life but thought it might be time to see if it is helpful to others as well. I hope this serves as a good internet source of ideas for you and a solid knowledge base.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or additional insights. You may find I challenge your thinking. Hopefully, you can challenge mine as well.

You can email me at my first name followed by the at sign, the first three letters from state of Florida, a dot, and the word cloud.

-David Edward, PHD