The Omega pattern represents the final nature of a system, it predicts the eventual system transformation into a role in a higher order supersystem or its conclusion and loss of systemity. 

Once a system has developed to its ideal potential, it can then be merged into a supersystem and will then become a specialized role of the larger system. If the function of the merged system already exists in the supersystem, the original system may become obsolete and may be eliminated.

The next evolutionary step for a system that has approached ideality is to be integrated within a higher order supersystem. Clearing the barriers for this and allowing it to happen can be a good way to allow the overall supersystem to continue to move towards the ideal while providing a continual upwards lift to lower order roles and systems.

As the team systems approach ideality at some point they will be able to make the transition to a specialized role within a larger system. After this transition the system will continue to specialize. Continue to look for barriers to further specialization, find the contradiction that is preventing further specialization and resolve it. This requires very specialized knowledge of the value of the outputs the system is providing, and a solid understanding of the internal process flows and functional relationships within the system. If the system cannot make the transition to a higher order supersystem, and cannot be improved any more to the ideal, system retirement and/or replacement could be considered with the goal being to find a team system that can be further improved.