The roles within a system develop at unequal rates, the more unequal the development of the roles, the more complex the system becomes. Larger team systems can grow extraordinarily complex, and each role within the system has the potential to modernize independent of the other system roles. The result is that contradictions arise, which in turn, will generate problems for the future development of the system. Advancing the system often involves simplification through continual realignment of system roles and structures to take advantage of role modernizations. The system can then only develop logically if these contradictions are solved. Sometimes the solving of these contradictions will result in the system evolving for a different purpose or in a different direction than originally expected.

Constantly analyze the system roles and structure looking for evolutionary possibilities. Remember that the system is not static but is moving through time. When a role within the system advances, pay careful attention to any disruptions, new capabilities, and new contradictions it causes with the other roles within the system. It is okay to advance roles within the system even if the entire system cannot advance completely in sync, this is to be expected and is part of the natural evolutionary process.