Original Statement

“Currently senior management will not use the finance team’s revenue reports at their monthly meeting because data shows up to late in the accounting systems to be ready on time, instead they are using the sales and marketing reports. As the manager of the finance data team, I believe we need to figure out a way to improve the reliability of our reports while still having them available on time each month for the review meeting.”


  • Can the IFR equal zero while still maintaining supersystem ideality and value?

Test One Narrative:

This is a stripped-down example that occurs many times in the real world under many headings; where a team desires to exhibit external influences within a supersystem based upon their perception of domain ownership.

Assuming rudimentary research confirms that senior management is fine with existing reports, and that there is not a quantifiable problem with the reports other than their source (which is not a problem if the data is correct), this is an example where the IFR can be zero, in other words continue to use the current reports and free up the finance team to work on other items.